Beginning summer of 2020 we have been producing short films and social content micro-docs for the Miami Design District about its public art, pop-up gallery events, and solo installations. All films directed and edited by Bill Bilowit and Marilyn Loddi and exec-produced by Grela Orihuela.

Select any of the films below for playback

Adler Guerrier | For Freedoms

David Castillo Gallery

Inter | Sectionality: Diaspora Art from the Creole City

Levy Gorvy X Salon 94 Design

Marianne Boesky X Goodman Gallery

The Design Shop by Tile Blush

Mitchell-Innes & Nash


Jeffrey Deitch Gallery

PLACE PROJECT GROUP | Art in the District

Tom Scicluna | Art in the District

Atchugarry Gallery | Art in the District

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