Launched in 2013, The Arts Initiative is dedicated to placing dynamic, large-scale visual art in public venues, "hoping to bring change to the social experience between people, places and daily life," says Arthur Weiner, the organization's founder. The Initiative's first project commissioned 11 vivid concepts through the curatorial team at Miami's Primary Projects to be installed in the monumental new Chicago-area luxury retail space Fashion Outlets of Chicago during the final months of construction. Artists labored alongside concrete, electrical, plumbing, glass, metal, masonry, and fitting workers in an active construction site, all working together to achieve success on the same opening day.

Contemporary art documentary filmmakers Wet Heat Project captured every installation in the making, from the artists' studios across the country to each of their on-site challenges and endurance in building, painting and assembling a large-scale artwork within the architectural form taking shape around them. The films were directed, shot and edited by Bill Bilowit, produced by Grela Orihuela, and the series Executive Producer was Arthur Weiner.

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Series Trailer

Daniel Arsham
"The invisible edge"

Bhakti Baxter
"Anybody can approach it and have an experience"

Jim Drain
"How do you address millions of people?"

"Focus on the positivity in your life"

Cody Hudson
"You & Me"

Alvaro Ilizarbe
"I was squeezing the life outta that brush"

Andrew Nigon
"How long would it take you to make 2,000 balloons?"

Kenton Parker
"It wasn't meant to be a comedy, my life"

Bert Rodriguez
"Never forget where you're going"

Jen Stark
"The conclusion of my meditation"

Austyn Weiner
"Lucid eyes"

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