WPBT's weekly cultural affairs program Art Loft has broadcast more than a dozen Wet Heat Project contemporary art documentaries, and a special program of our HOTBED 2012 commissioned video artworks.

In 2013 we filmed a series of in-depth conversations between MOCA's former Director and Chief Curator Bonnie Clearwater and major art collectors for a Knight Foundation-funded TV broadcast. We edited these dialogues into a series of lively narratives and informative profiles of key movers and shapers in the Miami and international art community. Both programs can be viewed below in their entirety.

Collector to Collector: Conversations at MOCA
Films produced by Wet Heat Project for a
2-part special broadcast on WPBT's Art Loft

Part 1: Bonnie Clearwater in conversation with Rosalind Jacobs, Boris Hirmas,
Irma Braman and Martin Z. Margulies

Part 2: Bonnie Clearwater in conversation with Estelle and Paul Berg,
Andrew J. Hall and Ella Cisneros

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