John Miller Film on Public TV

On Tuesday March 14 at 7:30pm the South Florida PBS program Art Loft (locally channel 2 in Miami) will air our short film on John Miller. The film was produced for ICA Miami, shot here and in New York City before, during and after Miller’s extensive solo exhibition “I Stand, I Fall” at the museum last year.


John Miller in his lower Manhattan studio; assistant in background working on the “Middle of the Day” series of pedestrian likeness paintings derived from candid photographs.

Some of the unique scenes include restoration of iconic sculptural series in Miller’s long career, originally created with mostly standard industrial and synthetic materials in the 1980s and 1990s.


Kristen Adsit, a sculptural conservator leading a team from RLA Conservation, works on site at ICA Miami with one of many diverse pieces from three decades of Miller’s career.


During installation at ICA Miami, John Miller personally repaired a series of gold-leafed sculptural wall assemblages in spots where time + chemistry had lost some original luster.


Certain of the plastic objects in the assemblages had produced off-gasses over the years which degraded the adhesion of the original gold leaf, here repaired for years to come.

Miller also designed his largest in a series of labyrinths previously built in Europe and Asia, this version completely mirrored, dominating the entire lobby floor in the original ICA Miami location’s 4-story Atrium Gallery.


On opening night of the John Miller exhibition at ICA Miami, hundreds of visitors wound their way through his mirrored labyrinth, some of them encountering a human figure covered in plastic fruit (save for one sleeved arm with an analog watch).

This is the second of our four documentary films on ICA Miami exhibition artists of 2015 and 2016: Guccivuitton (now Noguchi Breton), John Miller, Laura Lima and Thomas Bayrle; the series is being released January through May.


Thomas Bayrle Film on Public TV

The first film in our series about ICA Miami exhibition artists debuts tonight 7:30pm on South Florida PBS Television’s Art Loft.

Thomas Bayrle: One Day on Success Street is ICA Miami’s current exhibition, on view through March 26, 2017.

Watch the preview of our film for ICA Miami below, and be on the lookout for more in this series to be broadcast on Art Loft.

Filming Thomas Bayrle

Wet Heat Project has been filming Thomas Bayrle on the occasion of his exhibition with ICA Miami opening next Tuesday November 29 and on view through March 26, 2017. Our locations have included the artist’s Frankfurt studio office, his museum showing at MMK, and his country studio in a converted railroad station. Our filming also captured the fabrication of an epic sculpture– a towering iteration of Bayrle’s iconic Madonna image, completed today in the museum’s four-story Atrium Gallery.

Thomas Bayrle in his rural studio outside Frankfurt, housed in a converted railroad station.

In his storage / archive space in central Frankfurt, Thomas Bayrle discusses the plans (prepared and fabricated by OfficeGA in Miami) for a massive metal sculptural installation at his ICA Miami exhibition.

At Frankfurt’s MMK, Thomas Bayrle explains the selection of a gallery of his his work for the museum’s exhibition 25 Years MMK Museum für Moderne Kunst – New Collection Presentation.

Miami artist and master welder Robert Lorie joins a final connection that completes the fabrication today of a Thomas Bayrle massive sculpture for ICA Miami’s exhibition of the artist.

Thomas and Helke Bayrle arrived today from Frankfurt for the final preparations of Thomas’ major survey show at ICA Miami, the first of its kind in America, including a new epic scale sculptural installation.

Our documentary film chronicling Bayrle’s experience with ICA Miami will be part of a special series of films on the museum’s exhibition artists to premier in early 2017.

Laura Lima at ICA Miami: Film Preview

Our series of short films exploring background and context of ICA Miami 2015-2016 exhibition artists includes Laura Lima. Watch a preview here:

The Exhibition Story film series will launch as part of ICA Miami’s upcoming digital media program which will include web streaming, live screenings, and public television broadcasts.

In production on Laura Lima film for ICA Miami

Our series of films documenting an artist’s experience producing an exhibition for ICA Miami continues. Last week we visited Laura Lima at her studio to capture the first scenes in an unfolding story.

The artist’s studio is in the Catete neighborhood of Rio de Janeiro

A frame from our interview with the artist Laura Lima outside her studio

These scenes included Ms. Lima prototyping an initial design for a dress to be worn by her installation’s performer/participant.

LLgrab17 LLgrab16 LLgrab11

Meanwhile, the museum’s exhibition team has begun work customizing hundreds of feet of rope in advance of Ms. Lima’s arrival at ICA Miami later this month, when she will supervise its placement within their location’s dramatic 4-story atrium.

ICA Miami’s Exhibitions Manager Kerri Kneer researching rope at a marine supplier

One of Ms. Lima’s concept sketches for the exhibition

The Laura Lima exhibition at ICA Miami opens June 3, details here.


Shamir at ICA Miami: Mini-Concert

At the height of December’s art fair week, Wet Heat Project captured the Alex Bag exhibition opening night after-party rooftop mini-concert with the sensational Shamir.

Enjoy it here:



WAYPOINT @ Context Art Miami 2015

Our 24/7 video exhibition program WAYPOINT at Miami International Airport premiered its latest project within CONTEXT Art Miami 2015 at the invitation of the fair’s Director Julian Navarro, presenting four artworks and short films.


The WAYPOINT special project booth at CONTEXT Art Miami 2015 as the fair was about to open. Portrait artworks L-R by Kerry Phillips, Christina Pettersson, Kristen Thiele and Jessie Laino. The video monitor displayed short documentaries on the portrait encounters and production of the works.

WAYPOINT presented four original portrait artworks, the result of curated encounters between important Miami-based artists and the working community of Miami International Airport. Jessie Laino presented “Juana”, a conceptual interactive assemblage sculpture. Christina Pettersson presented “TC & Lola”, a deeply detailed graphite-on-paper rendition. Kerry Phillips presented “Sarah”, an electronic-media projection map onto a sculptural form. Kristen Thiele presented “Damian”, an oil painting of a work pose with inner-life details.


Jessie Laino’s portrait of “Juana” is an array of family lamps for visitors to manually illuminate in patterns representing zodiacal constellations, chosen for the birth signs of loved ones past, present and future.


Christina Pettersson’s graphite-on-paper portrait of “TC & Lola” was drawn from the artist’s carefully staged photo session where the subject posed regally with her beloved dog.


Kerry Phillip’s portrait of “Sarah” was a video graphics montage of images evoking the structural and social experience of Miami International Airport, where her subject proudly develops and coordinates all commercial concessions and advertising. The video was precisely mapped onto a special ambient projection screen material, CNC cut with a plexiglas backing in the shape of the subject’s outline as she was giving a tour of a passenger terminal.


Kristen Thiele’s portrait of “Damian” is an oil painting of her subject at work as the airport’s network security specialist, expressing his guardian role in the form of a superhero outfit peeking from beneath his work shirt, and again with his family at cosplay in a portrait-within-portrait.

Developed and produced within six weeks, the fast-track portrait project was documented with individual films that premiered in the same special project space at CONTEXT Art Miami and at WAYPOINT’s large-scale video screen in Miami International Airport’s international Concourse J, which facilitates millions of passenger journeys every year.

Promotional still of the WAYPOINT videowall exhibition site at Gate J7 in Miami International Airport, which presents art-centric programming by Wet Heat Project 24/7.

WAYPOINT is a video exhibition initiative presented by the Division of Fine Arts & Cultural Affairs of the Miami-Dade Aviation Department (Yolanda Sanchez, Director) and Wet Heat Project (Bill Bilowit, Director).

WAYPOINT is presented at CONTEXT Art Miami through the generous support of: Julian Navarro, Show Director CONTEXT Art Miami;
 Nick Korniloff, Partner and Director Art Miami LLC; Pamela Cohen, Director of Marketing, VIP Relations, Sponsors + Partners Art Miami LLC

A commercial for a store selling art from inside a museum in The Design District


The artist-run gallery collective team of GUCCIVUITTON with architect-designer OfficeGA have installed a 4-story showroom of artworks for sale inside the Institute of Contemporary Art, Miami. Located in the heart of the city’s Design District, the new museum’s interim space presents a paradigm-splitting art situation where viewers can buy any of the (still available) works from its bountiful  “racks” of inventory displayed behind floor-to-ceiling shop windows.


Wet Heat Project, in the course of producing a short documentary background film about the exhibition, was challenged by GUCCIVUITTON’s Domingo Castillo to create a longform promotional “commercial” in the style of myriad Miami condo lifestyle sales videos. The result is now playing on ICA Miami’s IDEAS web space.

After watching the promo, immediately satisfy the urge to shop at the online sales site.

The Knight Blog on the Arts had this to say.

The Miami Herald had this, and the New Times this.

Our Miami lifestyle model is Lenzey Stidham.


Public TV Airs “Project X: Chicago”

The broadcast schedule:

Austyn Weiner  Tuesday Feb. 10, 7:30pm WPBT Channel 2

Jen Stark  Tuesday Feb. 24, 7:30pm WPBT Channel 2

Bhakti Baxter  Tuesday March 3, 7:30pm WPBT Channel 2

Daniel Arsham  Tuesday March. 10, 7:30pm WPBT Channel 2

Our long relationship with South Florida’s flagship public television station WPBT continues as its Art Loft program airs four of our films produced for The Arts Initiative’s inaugural exhibition Project X: Chicago. This week’s program features our profile of the public installation by Austyn Weiner. In the coming weeks Art Loft will present our Project X films about the elaborate, large-scale installations of Jen Stark, Bhakti Baxter and Daniel Arsham.



Artist Austyn Weiner at the installation site of her large scale mural at the Fashion Outlets of Chicago, which was still under construction





HOTBED 2014 @ CasaLin


Melissa Chiu, the new Director of the Hirshhorn Museum, Instagram’d her visit to HOTBED 2014

Our fifth consecutive annual edition of HOTBED Miami in association with New World School of the Arts was presented for three hours on December 4th at Lin Lougheed’s singular Miami outdoor art space to visitors that included Don Bacigalupi, founding president of the future Lucas Museum of Narrative Art in Chicago and currently President of Crystal Bridges Museum, AR, attending with a group of that museum’s trustees; Manuel Gonzales, Trustee of the New Museum, NY; Vivian Horan, Vivian Horan Gallery, NY; Stephen Henry, Director Paula Cooper Gallery, NY;  Harry Cooper, Chief Curator, National Gallery of Art, Molly Donovan, Contemporary Curator, National Gallery of Art;  Ann Gallagher, Tate Modern, London; Joanna Marsh, Curator of Contemporary Art, American Art Museum, Smithsonian, Washington, DC; Donna Rim, American Art Museum, Smithsonian, Washington, DC; Sandra-Jackson Dumont, head of Education, attending with colleagues from the Metropolitan Museum of Art, NY; Robin Vousden, Director, Gagosian Gallery, London; Peter Stevens, Director, David Smith Foundation; Melissa Chiu, Director of the Hirshhorn Museum, Washington, DC; collectors Susie and Jochen Holy; Anthony Grant, Vice Chairman, Americas, Sotheby’s; James Kelly, Kelly, Contemporary, Sante Fe, and many more international and local art professionals, collectors and artists.

The theme of the exhibition explored the art colony experience, drawing parallels between the bucolic oasis of today’s CasaLin and the historic artists’ retreats that provided rural settings for artists to develop ideas and technique free of the daily pressures of markets and trends.

The exhibition featured New World School of the Arts alumnus Christina Pettersson with a tableau vivant performance (emphasis on the vivant) and seven of the school’s current college seniors working en plein air on their graduating BFA projects.

Download a PDF of the event flyer here.


NWSA college senior Alden Solis works on her BFA project which explores consequence in literal and figurative patterns of behavior towards the natural world.

Event images will be posted soon…

More info:



“A Piece of Me” at CONTEXT Art Fair

The 2nd edition of our special exhibition A Piece of Me will be presented at CONTEXT 2014. The project challenges the high school visual arts honors class of New World School of the Arts to respond to a video artwork by their alumnus, renown artist Hernan Bas. The Bas video is in the collection of MOMA and is entitled All By Myself.


On Monday the young student artists of “A Piece of Me” and faculty advisor Don Lambert visited the Miami studio of their school’s alumnus Hernan Bas.

The students’ response will be in the form of three site-specific installations at a prime booth space generously provided by CONTEXT/Art Miami.



Arts Initiative Film Series Online

The entire series of 11 films capturing The Arts Initiative’s inaugural, large-scale public art project in Chicago is now online. These short films are fast-paced, detailed stories of each artist’s experience in the production of an architecturally site-specific work during construction of its host building, the enormous new retail center Fashion Outlets of Chicago. The artists, curated by Primary Projects, represent a dynamic range of practices and personalities from New York, Miami, Chicago and Los Angeles.

wet heat™ project | The Arts Initiative: Project X

WAYPOINT at MIA is a Video Art Space


Wet Heat Project has developed a singular new public exhibition space initiated by Miami International Airport’s Division of Fine Arts & Cultural Affairs: WAYPOINT

WAYPOINT at MIA is a dedicated HD videowall located in a busy international terminal in an airport with annual traffic of more than 40 million passengers. The opening program is a collection of Wet Heat Project documentary excerpts that each capture the studio production practice of an artist in painting, sculpture and multi-media, as well as two action-oriented films about the making of interior / exterior installation commissions designed to elevate the experience of a public area.

Future programming will include video artwork developed especially for the site, an art space with demanding parameters: there is no audio playback to compete with the loud ambience of an airport, and the content of the work must find a path of strong viewer engagement without disturbing and provocative images. Some viewers are in transition as they disembark and engage the videowall for only a moment; others are awaiting flights and watch the videowall for long stretches of time (a Starbucks with table seating faces the site).

In the coming art seasons we will be creating new documentary content and curating video artwork into this unique presentation venue.


Our Producer at Vanity Projects

Wet Heat producer Grela Orihuela has curated a video program for the unique New York City venue Vanity Projects, the iconic art-centric nail salon.


Grela selected a wide range of artists: Autumn Casey, David Antonio Cruz, Zachary Fabri, Jesse Fleming, Victoria Fu, Lauren Kelley, Jessie Laino, Jenny Marketou, Steven Marquez, Jillian Mayer, Cheryl Pope, Lindsay Scoggins, Antonia Wright, and Zero for Conduct.

The show opens this Sunday for Frieze week and runs through June.


Frame image from “TAKEABITE,elduendealwaystravels…light” by David Antonio Cruz, 2012 – 2013, courtesy of the artist


Frame image from “Mim Andar Avenida Canadá (I Walk Avenue Canada)” by Zachary Fabri, 2010, courtesy of the artist


Frame image from “Scenic Jogging” by Jillian Mayer, 2010, courtesy of David Castillo Gallery