Posted in October 2008

Latest "miamiHeights" Preview Clips

On the occasion of the most recent Wynwood Night opening of new Hernan Bas work at Fredric Snitzer Gallery here in Miami, click this link for preview clips from our upcoming documentary feature film “miamiHeights”.

A-ROLL Burkhardt

Brian Burkhardt is featured in the latest episode of our A-Roll series, click the pic to watch it.

Check out our first four A-Roll episodes if you haven’t yet, from the list in the previous post.

A-ROLL Beltran, Brookbank, Cano, Materazzi

Season one of our series Studio Drive-By launches later this Fall. But right now you can watch the first four installments of its companion series A-Roll, with music by Miami bands and composers.
Drive-Bys document impromptu studio visits: snapshot narratives, each a genuine slice-of-life, first-hand perspective in the active timeline of a Miami artist.
The action and process we capture is so compelling, we’re also telling these stories another way: purely visual, music-driven flash-narratives, without elaboration or explanation.
Drive-Bys reveal backstory, opinion and outlook.
A-Roll episodes are Fly-Bys.
Take a look at the first wave:

More soon, we’ll post their links as soon as they’re up.
And if you haven’t seen it yet, check out a fly-by trailer for season one of Studio Drive-By.