Posted in December 2008

That Happened is LAUNCHED on

On Channel 2 of you can now see our debut episodes of That Happened featuring the artists Jason Hedges at Locust Projects, Susan Lee-Chun at David Castillo Gallery, and David Rohn (with Danilo de la Torre / Homo Sapiens) outside the Miami Beach Cinematheque.

Each episode captures the action and interaction of a Miami installation / performance piece– a vivid, capsule experience of the sights, sounds and atmosphere.

Coming soon are episodes featuring Mark Koven at Dorsch Gallery, Craig Kucia & Rosa Clandestino at Kevin Bruk Gallery, Federico Nessi at Spinello Gallery, and Agustina Woodgate at Spinello Gallery.

Check regularly for new episodes, or send us your email and we’ll let you know when a new episode of That Happened, Studio Drive-By, or one of our Specials is added to our constantly expanding programming.

Wet Heat Project at PULSE Miami

At PULSE Miami last week, Wet Heat Project presented video at the Locust Projects booth, thanks to its Director Claire Breukel and the Board. We showed excerpts from our Studio Drive-By series of artists supported by Locust throughout the organization’s 10-year service to the art world, and also screened the debut episode of our series “That Happened” with Jason Hedges’ intense Locust Projects installation piece “Aesthetic Experience #13 (Lamb)”. Watch for “That Happened” launching on Channel 2 in just a few days!

We also shot scenes for a new special. From among the multitudes at PULSE, we captured roving interviews posing the question “…what now?” to more than 30 visitors / exhibitors at the fair, including PULSE Director Helen Allen, Clifton Childree, Chuck Close, Christina H. Kang, David Lombardi, Jenny Marketou, Milcho, Julie Saul, Ruth & Richard Shack, Concepcion & Estabrook, and Spencer Tunick, to name just a few.

The results of our …what now? shoot will debut on our Specials Channel in early February. Watch for an announcement here or check regularly.