Posted in January 2009

Gelfman, Beltran, Nessi: New Now on

In the last week we’ve premiered three new episodes of series:

Studio Drive-By of Lynne Gelfman

Lynne Gelfman’s episode of Studio Drive-By premiered Saturday night in the Luminaire X Bang & Olufsen video lounge adjacent to Lynne’s new show (up through 31 January) in the center’s expansive gallery space. You can watch it now on Channel 1 at to see and hear what transpired one rainy afternoon amidst the colors, textures and infinite patterns at Lynne’s studio.

Studio Drive-By of Loriel Beltran

On Saturday at Locust Projects, Loriel Beltran opened a transformative installation in/about the main exhibit space (up through 28 February). Loriel’s episode of Studio Drive-By has just premiered at Channel 1, where you can experience a hot, steamy night at Loriel’s studio with vivid, spot observations of his inventive– and fluid– methodology.

That Happened episode of Federico Nessi @ Spinello Gallery

On Channel 2, the latest episode of That Happened is an experience of Federico Nessi’s take-over and transformation of Spinello Gallery, inside and out, temporally fusing sculpture, photographs, video, lighting, dance, and a high-energy street performance for his show emotional response can be deCONDITIONED.

More new episodes and programming on the way this month…