Posted in July 2010

WHP Shooting in New York

The week of June 21 was a busy NYC shooting schedule for our next feature film set to premiere in Spring 2011, on the conceptual artist Bert Rodriguez. We conducted five on-camera interviews about Rodriguez’ work and the current state of conceptual / performance art. Here are frame grabs from these recent shoots:



Marina Abramović in her Soho loft described the reasons why an artist would incorporate themself into a live, staged work


It’s simply not enough to tread the same conceptual art ground as the 1970s pioneers, said New York Magazine Senior Art Critic Jerry Saltz, who admonished Rodriguez for not frankly incorporating the core personal issues that are the premise of his work


Deputy Chairman of Christie’s Americas Amy Cappellazzo talked about artwork valuation issues facing conceptual / performance artists, and the notion of selling an idea


Wall Street Journal art reporter Kelly Crow described the trending of collectors’ taste, inclinations and appreciation of conceptual art


New York collectors Lisa and Michael Schweitzer explained why they connect to the visual form, personal spirit and cleverness of Rodriguez’ work

Principal shooting on this film is now complete and post-production is underway.

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