Posted in March 2011

Talking “Sh*t”

UPDATE:  As of April 8 we’re the highest rated film of the Festival, 4.8 out of 5 on Audience BuzzWe’re going for 5 out of 5, so click in below and rate us if you’ve seen the film (or even if you haven’t).



We’ve had some great feedback after the premier of our miamiHeights feature film documentary “making sh*t up” at the Miami Film Festival on March 9.

Read the comments below these snapshots from the afterparty event at Miami’s Villa 221.


MIFF11-1Jaie Laplante (Miami International Film Festival Director), director Bill Bilowit, artist Bert Rodriguez

MIFF11-2Cori Ready (Founder, The Adventure School), artist Bert Rodriguez, producer Grela Orihuela, director Bill Bilowit, artist Hernan Bas, Laura Sheridan (Assistant Director, Snitzer Gallery)

“This film is entertaining without a doubt, but more than that it provides us insight to an artist’s life, mind and the madness and subjectivity of the art world.”  —Kathryn Mikesell, Foundress – Fountainhead Artist Residency

“Based on the evidence of Making Sh*t Up, conceptual artist Bert Rodríguez goes about his work with blithe determination, not letting even a life-threatening inconvenience get in the way. Over the course of three years, the director/producer team of Bill Bilowit and Grela Orihuela stuck to Rodríguez like a second skin, and the proximity rubbed off on their film. Making Sh*t Up shares its subject’s insouciance and joie de vivre. Fame and fortune may be fine and dandy but, at the end of the day, Bert, Bill & Grela know it’s the work that matters. Nothing else comes close.”  —Nat Chediak, Grammy-winning Producer, Founder of the Miami International Film Festival  

“I loved the film… I thought the Whitney Biennial piece was brilliant. You definitely should continue doing these projects because they are amazing, I admire your commitment and ambition. Keep up the good work!”  —Cricket Taplin, Curator, Cricket Taplin Collection

“Watching Making Sh*t Up was like catching up with an old friend you’d actually like to spend 90 minutes with.”  —Hernan Bas, Artist

“Marvelous work! You captured Bert, the crazed energy of Miami and the bizarre parallel universe that is the world (the business) of contemporary art. Real good sh*t.”  —Juan Carlos Espinosa, Associate Dean & Fellow, Honors College at FIU

“I went with a dear friend who is not an artworld person and she loved the editing and cinematography, she’s still sitting on the fence about Bert’s work but totally respects him. I found it to be honest and a very important contribution to telling the story of our community and one of our most talented artists.”  —George Sanchez Calderon, Artist

“I loved the film because it placed me in the the life and head of a fellow artist.  Exposing the struggles, emotions and absurdity an artist experiences when navigating the contemporary art scene helps audiences understand the passion that drives the creative genius.”  —Xavier Cortada, Artist

“Making Sh*t Up provides an honest and poignant portrait of some of the formative moments of a young artist’s life.”  —Chana Budgazad Sheldon, Executive Director, Locust Projects

Our Big “Sh*t” Premier

MakingShtUp-MIFFinfoOur second feature documentary film, making sh*t up, premiered Wednesday night at Miami’s historic Tower Theater to a full house. The film was an invited entry and presentation of the Miami International Film Festival playing to a full house, a boisterous mix of the Miami art community and film aficionados.


Thanks so much to all those who attended at the Tower Theater on Wednesday night, and to the lively afterparty at Villa 221. Soon we’ll post a selection of pictures, and audience reactions and comments.