Posted in October 2011

We’re taking our “sh*t” to LA

From LA Weekly:


“making sh*t up” will be screened publicly at the shiny new West Hollywood Library the evening of November 16, 2011 at 7pm. The filmmakers and the principal subject of the film, artist Bert Rodriguez, will be present.

Our film is presented by the Los Angeles Art Association and its Executive Director Peter Mays.

(November 17  from West Hollywood, CA)  Last night’s showing at the West Hollywood Library was a gathering of artists, filmmakers, writers, curators and the culturally curious, with a lively and thoughtful audience response during the post-screening Q&A. Many thanks to Peter Mays of LAAA and Andrew Campbell (Cultural Affairs Administrator for the City of West Hollywood). “sh*t” was the first feature film to be screened at the new Library complex; we’re proud to have kicked off a long line of meaningful movie engagements.

Read the press release:


Watch a trailer and clip from our movie: