Posted in February 2012

MOVING at Inaugural Art Wynwood

As seen in today’s NBC Miamiblog



Our Producer Produces at Art Wynwood



WHP’s Executive Producer Grela Orihuela is independently producing a multi-artist video exhibition at the inaugural Art Wynwood International Contemporary Art Fair, February 16 – 20.

The exhibition is titled MOVING and is designed as a cluster of eight independent viewing rooms. A total of eleven works are featured (some are world premieres) by the artists Monika Bravo, David Antonio Cruz, Teresa Diehl, Guerra de la Paz, Rivane Neueshwander in collaboration with Cao Guimaraes, Martin Murphy, Lindsay Scoggins, and Diana Shpungin.

From the exhibition description:Video art is a medium defined by its multifarious technologies, but trying to classify it is aiming at a moving target. This exhibition is about moving– visually, temporally and emotionally.”

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