Posted in December 2015

WAYPOINT @ Context Art Miami 2015

Our 24/7 video exhibition program WAYPOINT at Miami International Airport premiered its latest project within CONTEXT Art Miami 2015 at the invitation of the fair’s Director Julian Navarro, presenting four artworks and short films.


The WAYPOINT special project booth at CONTEXT Art Miami 2015 as the fair was about to open. Portrait artworks L-R by Kerry Phillips, Christina Pettersson, Kristen Thiele and Jessie Laino. The video monitor displayed short documentaries on the portrait encounters and production of the works.

WAYPOINT presented four original portrait artworks, the result of curated encounters between important Miami-based artists and the working community of Miami International Airport. Jessie Laino presented “Juana”, a conceptual interactive assemblage sculpture. Christina Pettersson presented “TC & Lola”, a deeply detailed graphite-on-paper rendition. Kerry Phillips presented “Sarah”, an electronic-media projection map onto a sculptural form. Kristen Thiele presented “Damian”, an oil painting of a work pose with inner-life details.


Jessie Laino’s portrait of “Juana” is an array of family lamps for visitors to manually illuminate in patterns representing zodiacal constellations, chosen for the birth signs of loved ones past, present and future.


Christina Pettersson’s graphite-on-paper portrait of “TC & Lola” was drawn from the artist’s carefully staged photo session where the subject posed regally with her beloved dog.


Kerry Phillip’s portrait of “Sarah” was a video graphics montage of images evoking the structural and social experience of Miami International Airport, where her subject proudly develops and coordinates all commercial concessions and advertising. The video was precisely mapped onto a special ambient projection screen material, CNC cut with a plexiglas backing in the shape of the subject’s outline as she was giving a tour of a passenger terminal.


Kristen Thiele’s portrait of “Damian” is an oil painting of her subject at work as the airport’s network security specialist, expressing his guardian role in the form of a superhero outfit peeking from beneath his work shirt, and again with his family at cosplay in a portrait-within-portrait.

Developed and produced within six weeks, the fast-track portrait project was documented with individual films that premiered in the same special project space at CONTEXT Art Miami and at WAYPOINT’s large-scale video screen in Miami International Airport’s international Concourse J, which facilitates millions of passenger journeys every year.

Promotional still of the WAYPOINT videowall exhibition site at Gate J7 in Miami International Airport, which presents art-centric programming by Wet Heat Project 24/7.

WAYPOINT is a video exhibition initiative presented by the Division of Fine Arts & Cultural Affairs of the Miami-Dade Aviation Department (Yolanda Sanchez, Director) and Wet Heat Project (Bill Bilowit, Director).

WAYPOINT is presented at CONTEXT Art Miami through the generous support of: Julian Navarro, Show Director CONTEXT Art Miami;
 Nick Korniloff, Partner and Director Art Miami LLC; Pamela Cohen, Director of Marketing, VIP Relations, Sponsors + Partners Art Miami LLC