Posted in May 2016

In production on Laura Lima film for ICA Miami

Our series of films documenting an artist’s experience producing an exhibition for ICA Miami continues. Last week we visited Laura Lima at her studio to capture the first scenes in an unfolding story.

The artist’s studio is in the Catete neighborhood of Rio de Janeiro

A frame from our interview with the artist Laura Lima outside her studio

These scenes included Ms. Lima prototyping an initial design for a dress to be worn by her installation’s performer/participant.

LLgrab17 LLgrab16 LLgrab11

Meanwhile, the museum’s exhibition team has begun work customizing hundreds of feet of rope in advance of Ms. Lima’s arrival at ICA Miami later this month, when she will supervise its placement within their location’s dramatic 4-story atrium.

ICA Miami’s Exhibitions Manager Kerri Kneer researching rope at a marine supplier

One of Ms. Lima’s concept sketches for the exhibition

The Laura Lima exhibition at ICA Miami opens June 3, details here.