Posted in March 2017

John Miller Film on Public TV

On Tuesday March 14 at 7:30pm the South Florida PBS program Art Loft (locally channel 2 in Miami) will air our short film on John Miller. The film was produced for ICA Miami, shot here and in New York City before, during and after Miller’s extensive solo exhibition “I Stand, I Fall” at the museum last year.


John Miller in his lower Manhattan studio; assistant in background working on the “Middle of the Day” series of pedestrian likeness paintings derived from candid photographs.

Some of the unique scenes include restoration of iconic sculptural series in Miller’s long career, originally created with mostly standard industrial and synthetic materials in the 1980s and 1990s.


Kristen Adsit, a sculptural conservator leading a team from RLA Conservation, works on site at ICA Miami with one of many diverse pieces from three decades of Miller’s career.


During installation at ICA Miami, John Miller personally repaired a series of gold-leafed sculptural wall assemblages in spots where time + chemistry had lost some original luster.


Certain of the plastic objects in the assemblages had produced off-gasses over the years which degraded the adhesion of the original gold leaf, here repaired for years to come.

Miller also designed his largest in a series of labyrinths previously built in Europe and Asia, this version completely mirrored, dominating the entire lobby floor in the original ICA Miami location’s 4-story Atrium Gallery.


On opening night of the John Miller exhibition at ICA Miami, hundreds of visitors wound their way through his mirrored labyrinth, some of them encountering a human figure covered in plastic fruit (save for one sleeved arm with an analog watch).

This is the second of our four documentary films on ICA Miami exhibition artists of 2015 and 2016: Guccivuitton (now Noguchi Breton), John Miller, Laura Lima and Thomas Bayrle; the series is being released January through May.