A commercial for a store selling art from inside a museum in The Design District


The artist-run gallery collective team of GUCCIVUITTON with architect-designer OfficeGA have installed a 4-story showroom of artworks for sale inside the Institute of Contemporary Art, Miami. Located in the heart of the city’s Design District, the new museum’s interim space presents a paradigm-splitting art situation where viewers can buy any of the (still available) works from its bountiful  “racks” of inventory displayed behind floor-to-ceiling shop windows.


Wet Heat Project, in the course of producing a short documentary background film about the exhibition, was challenged by GUCCIVUITTON’s Domingo Castillo to create a longform promotional “commercial” in the style of myriad Miami condo lifestyle sales videos. The result is now playing on ICA Miami’s IDEAS web space.

After watching the promo, immediately satisfy the urge to shop at the online sales site.

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Our Miami lifestyle model is Lenzey Stidham.