A-ROLL Beltran, Brookbank, Cano, Materazzi

Season one of our wetheat.tv series Studio Drive-By launches later this Fall. But right now you can watch the first four installments of its companion series A-Roll, with music by Miami bands and composers.
Drive-Bys document impromptu studio visits: snapshot narratives, each a genuine slice-of-life, first-hand perspective in the active timeline of a Miami artist.
The action and process we capture is so compelling, we’re also telling these stories another way: purely visual, music-driven flash-narratives, without elaboration or explanation.
Drive-Bys reveal backstory, opinion and outlook.
A-Roll episodes are Fly-Bys.
Take a look at the first wave:

More soon, we’ll post their links as soon as they’re up.
And if you haven’t seen it yet, check out a fly-by trailer for season one of Studio Drive-By.