HOTBED 2013 is Thursday December 5


The annual outdoor art exhibition at CasaLin in Wynwood, a renown event on the ABMB VIP circuit, will host our HOTBED project on the morning of December 5th, a pivot point in the season’s pinnacle week.

The 2013 edition of HOTBED features three original performative installations conceived and produced by collaborative visual arts teams from Miami’s New World School of the Arts. Each team is a duo: a recent alumnus and a current BFA senior, together meeting the challenge of the theme, REVERENCE.

You can experience the one-time exhibition between 10am and noon at The Yard@CasaLin, 55 NW 30 Street, Wynwood, Miami.

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The HOTBED 2013 artists are three New World / HOTBED project alumni each paired with a current New World BFA senior.


Sebastian Duncan-Portuondo, based in Miami, HOTBED 2012 alumnus, teamed with current senior Joel Rabadan for their collaborative work “Two and a Third” at HOTBED 2013 @ CasaLin


Jessie Laino, based in New York, HOTBED 2010 alumnus, teamed with current senior Michelle Izquierdo for their collaborative work “Between Light and Matter” at HOTBED 2013 @ CasaLin



Chad Cunha, based in New York, HOTBED 2011 alumnus, teamed with current senior Junli Kato for their collaborative work “Boundless” at HOTBED 2013 @ CasaLin



Current visual arts BFA seniors at New World School of the Arts collaborating with our HOTBED project alumni for the 2013 edition, L-R: Joel Rabadan, Michelle Izquierdo, Junli Kato