Our New wetheat.tv Special: What Now…?

Our new 2-part mini-documentary “What Now…?” is now playing on wetheat.tv’s Special Program channel.

Roving the aisles at PULSE Miami 2008, we captured on-the-spot answers to our title question, querying a random sample of local and out-of-town visitors for their impromptu opinions and info.

The result is a microcosm of a popular Miami art fair during Art Basel week, with a flurry of POVs from artists, collectors, and afficianados, including: Chuck Close, Spencer Tunick, Christina H. Kang, David Lombardi, Jenny Marketou, Milcho, Julie Saul, Ruth & Richard Shack, Concepcion & Estabrook, and Clifton Childree.

We also asked “what now…?” of Helen Allen, Executive Director of PULSE, who we thank for permission to roam freely. Locust Projects hosted us at their booth at the fair, thanks to Director Claire Breukel and the Board. Also thanks to our intrepid and graceful on-site correspondent Carolina Wong.

On the soundtrack are great songs courtesy of Miami-based music artists Amanda Green, Dino Felipe, Datamouth, Jacuzzi Boys.

Go to wetheat.tv now and enjoy part 1 (“What now for the contemporary art world…?”) and part 2 (“What now for you…?”), for the simple, complex, opinionated answers that altogether add to the narrative of Miami’s art history in the making.