Our producer produces: an exhibition


Last Sunday’s Miami Herald

Wet Heat Project’s founding partner and Exec Producer Grela Orihuela has a CV packed with producing every manner of event and media: music concerts, new technology presentations, global corporate meetings, feature films and TV, art exhibitions, and of course WHP’s diverse art documentary media and events.

So when her friend Julian Navarro, Director of Praxis Gallery Miami, asked Grela to stage something at the gallery for the summer, she immediately imagined a space that brought viewers into physical, close-up contact with artwork, an immersive environment to spark more personal encounters with an artist’s ideas, objects, textures and forms.


View of the Dining Room section of “Home: Dream Home” at Praxis Miami. Left-right: “Mural” by BOOKSIII Bischoff, “Spatially Constructed Dining Room Table” set by Emmett Moore, “New Crop Squareberry” platter by Brian Burkhardt, and “Where My Eyes Meet You” by Bert Rodriguez.

In short order (within 6 weeks) she produced a “dream” collection of art manifested as a functional living space, with participation from many of Miami’s most notable galleries and their artists. On July’s Gallery Walk evening, “Home: Dream Home” opened the doors to Grela’s tightly-integrated concept exhibition of 32 artists (all but two are Miami-based). See details at the following links:

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