Our Film “Timescapes” is on Public TV



On a hot summer day in July, artist Sebastian Duncan-Portuondo installs a section of mosaic of the “Timescapes” installation at the top floor of the Sagamore Hotel’s spa stairwell on Miami Beach.

Our documentary film “Timescapes” will be shown on the Art Loft program of South Florida’s public television station WPBT Channel 2:

Tuesday April 22 at 7:30pm

Friday April 25 at 11pm


On a hot summer day in July, artist Jeffrey Noble freehands a spray-paint section of the “Timescapes” installation at the Sagamore Hotel’s spa stairwell on Miami Beach.

“Timescapes” captures the action as two emerging Miami-based artists complete intense production of a complex site-specific installation at the art-centric Sagamore Hotel on Miami Beach. The work was commissioned by the Cricket Taplin Collection while the two young artists were seniors at New World School of the Arts, advised by the Dean of Visual Arts, Maggy Cuesta.

The work spans multiple open-air floors of a stairwell with contiguous paint and mosaic integrations, reacting temporally to the shifting light, air, heat and moisture of its seaside location.

Artist links:



This film is one of many Specials programs you can watch on WetHeat.TV, at the link below:



Frances Trombly Studio Drive-By on Public TV



Our Studio Drive-By episode of Miami-based artist Francis Trombly will be shown on the Art Loft program of South Florida’s public television station WPBT Channel 2 on Tuesday April 15 at 7:30pm and Friday April 18 at 11pm.

To find out more about the artist visit her website.


Watch more episodes of our short documentary film series Studio Drive-By and other series at WetHeat.TV.




“The Chicago Project X” Film Series World Premiere Begins Saturday at MIFF 2014

Watch the preview here:

The world premiere of our entire 11-film series for The Arts Initiative starts this Saturday March 8 at the 2014 Miami International Film Festival.

Each film captures the production of a large-scale public art installation created during the construction of the Fashion Outlets of Chicago, a half-million square foot retail space with international presence located beside O’Hare Airport. The exhibition was curated by Miami’s Primary Projects, commissioned by The Arts Initiative founder Arthur Weiner, who also commissioned the film series.

The artists are: Daniel Arsham, Bhakti Baxter, Jim Drain, FriendsWithYou, Cody Hudson, Alvaro Ilizarbe, Andrew Nigon, Kenton Parker, Bert Rodriguez, Jen Stark, Austyn Weiner. More about the filming here.

The music in this preview is by Miami’s own ANR:



“5 Stories Tall” on Public TV


Tomorrow night on public television station WPBT Miami Channel 2 our short documentary 5 Stories Tall will be shown on Art Loft.

Our film captures the intense production and installation of a multi-panel large scale mural on canvas by New World School of the Arts BFA graduate Jose Felix Perez. The work was commissioned by the Miami offices of Greenberg Traurig in a recently completed skyscraper downtown.



Our HOTBED 2013 exhibition at CasaLin can be seen in images at the HOTBED web site:



Visit the site for info on the event and its artworks.



HOTBED 2013 is Thursday December 5


The annual outdoor art exhibition at CasaLin in Wynwood, a renown event on the ABMB VIP circuit, will host our HOTBED project on the morning of December 5th, a pivot point in the season’s pinnacle week.

The 2013 edition of HOTBED features three original performative installations conceived and produced by collaborative visual arts teams from Miami’s New World School of the Arts. Each team is a duo: a recent alumnus and a current BFA senior, together meeting the challenge of the theme, REVERENCE.

You can experience the one-time exhibition between 10am and noon at The Yard@CasaLin, 55 NW 30 Street, Wynwood, Miami.

Read more by clicking the PDF link below:



The HOTBED 2013 artists are three New World / HOTBED project alumni each paired with a current New World BFA senior.


Sebastian Duncan-Portuondo, based in Miami, HOTBED 2012 alumnus, teamed with current senior Joel Rabadan for their collaborative work “Two and a Third” at HOTBED 2013 @ CasaLin


Jessie Laino, based in New York, HOTBED 2010 alumnus, teamed with current senior Michelle Izquierdo for their collaborative work “Between Light and Matter” at HOTBED 2013 @ CasaLin



Chad Cunha, based in New York, HOTBED 2011 alumnus, teamed with current senior Junli Kato for their collaborative work “Boundless” at HOTBED 2013 @ CasaLin



Current visual arts BFA seniors at New World School of the Arts collaborating with our HOTBED project alumni for the 2013 edition, L-R: Joel Rabadan, Michelle Izquierdo, Junli Kato


HOTBED Video Artworks on Public TV


Frame grab from Jeffrey Noble’s “This One Time” (2012, HD video, 2:20) created for HOTBED 2012 Video Edition at NADA Miami Beach

The four video artworks created for our annual HOTBED project’s 2012 exhibition presented at NADA Miami Beach will be shown in their entirety tomorrow night Tuesday November 26 at 7:30 and Friday November 29 at midnight on South Florida’s flagship public television station WPBT Channel 2’s art loft program..

For more information on the artists and the works visit the HOTBED web site:




Collector to Collector @ MOCA on Public TV


Wet Heat Project produced a Public TV program for Bonnie Clearwater just before her move from MOCA North Miami to becoming Director and Chief Curator at the Museum of Art | Fort Lauderdale.

The program presents lively and rich conversations with major art collectors that reveal unique histories, influences and decision-making behind some of the art world’s most extensive collections, and the unique people that assertively support art museums worldwide.

Collector to Collector was a live event in March of this year hosted by Bonnie Clearwater which was filmed at MOCA and condensed into the 2-part, 6-segment program airing on South Florida’s flagship Public TV station WPBT’s Channel 2 art loft this week and next week.


Rosalind Jacobs, Boris Hirmas, and Irma Braman with Martin Z. Margulies

Tuesday November 12 @ 7:30

Friday November 15 @ Midnight


Estelle and Paul Berg, Andy Hall, and Ella Fontanals-Cisneros

Tuesday November 19 @ 7:30

Friday November 22 @ 11pm

Both shows will be broadcast again at the pinnacle of the Miami art season during Art Basel Miami Beach / fair week; we’ll add the schedule info here as soon as it’s announced.


World Premiere at MIFF 2014

Our entire 11-part documentary film series on the making of The Arts Initiative Chicago Project will premiere at the Miami International Film Festival in March 2014.

Watch the preview here at the TAI site (Miami’s own ANR provided the music).


Click here to read about the project.

More details to come!

Studio Drive-By on Public TV Tomorrow Night


Our Studio Drive-By series will be broadcasting tomorrow night at 7:30 on South Florida’s flagship public TV station WPBT Channel 2’s art loft program.

The Lee Materazzi episode, filmed as she was shooting a series with artist Tatiana Vahan as a model, captured Materazzi’s distinct practice of sculpturally-inclined photographic work.

Wet Heat Project continues its relationship with WPBT; watch for further broadcast appearances of our films capturing unique artists at work.


Filming The Arts Initiative

Since the beginning of June, Wet Heat Project has been in production on a series of documentary films capturing the stories of 11 art commissions of site-specific, large-scale work for a major retail space under construction in Chicago.


The ambitious project is curated by Miami-based Primary Projects on behalf of the newly-formed Arts Initiative. The artists creating installations are Daniel Arsham, Bhakti Baxter, Jim Drain, FriendsWithYou, Cody Hudson, Alvaro Ilizarbe, Andrew Nigon, Kenton Parker, Bert Rodriguez, Jen Stark, and Austyn Weiner.


Daniel Arsham just after completion of one of his three sculptural pieces emerging from the architecture of the new FOC retail complex in the north ground floor entrance area.

In the eyes of Arts Initiative founder and developer Arthur Weiner, the immersive artworks will become iconic “landmarks” that shape the experience of every visitor to the massive 530,000 square-foot Fashion Outlets of Chicago (FOC), a luxury-goods and fashion center with more than 100 shops situated beside O’Hare International Airport, which serves more than 65 million passengers a year and hosts the nation’s largest influx of non-stop flights from Asia.


Alvarao Ilizarbe paints from the top level of a 25-foot scaffold onto a ceiling section of the FOC’s 2nd level, applying one of thousands of individual strokes as he nears completion of a large-scale monochrome artwork covering multiple walls and ceilings at the center of the mall complex.

Soon after the FOC opens on August 1, as millions of regional, national and global visitors stream through the two-level complex, the 11 large-scale installations will be among the most photographed artworks in the world.


In the south main entry of FOC, Bert Rodriguez places one of a multitude of clocks, each representing a national or international city connected by direct flight to O’Hare airport (the flights of which pass overhead every day).

Wet Heat Project will be producing 11 short documentary films revealing the story behind each of the FOC’s elaborate artworks and the challenge each artist faced to devise, produce and install their immersive concept. The diverse, multi-disciplinary installations are produced by the curating team of Primary Projects (Books BischoffIII, Typoe, Cristina Gonzalez), whose cohesive vision for a total conceptual experience has for months required a vigilant, detailed and tireless daily effort. The curators not only guide the artists through technical and aesthetic application issues but manage the changing, complex tiers of installation mechanics, building codes and safety regulations inside a teeming, high-end construction site. In these remaining few weeks before opening day, the full-speed pace of art production and installation is yet accelerating.


Chicago-based artist Cody Hudson begins one of several large scale painted works on a main floor ceiling panel of FOC.


Bhakti Baxter spirals in to complete the center of a 30-foot painting (one of two) that enclose a center room featuring the interior of his vortex conception. As it circles in on itself, this tiny inner area features as many spiral arms as the massive area around it.


Jim Drain touches up one of hundreds of painted squares checkerboarding the walls and ceiling of an entire vestibule; in the background one of his crew prepares a ceiling panel of the mall’s main floor corridor for more checkerboarding. The pattern will host a series of large, overlaid stencils– a characterized snake. Drain’s installation will also include a sculpture with integrated lighting in a saturated red entry room.


Jen Stark in the beginning stages of a wide-ranging installation that will include multi-surface painting and large-scale hanging sculpture in the central ground floor area of the complex.



Our New Post at Whitewall


Today the 2nd article of our  art video guest column at Whitewall is up: a look at Alex Da Corte’s TRUƎ LIFƎ and some revealing insight about how this video– and the artist’s penchant to place himself in another person’s skin– came to be. Courtesy of the artist, who is represented by Joe Sheftel, the full video is embedded in the article for all to enjoy.


If you missed our first story on Lauren Kelley read it here:




“Timescapes” is New at WetHeat.TV


Frame grab: Sebastian Duncan-Portuondo working on a mosaic segment of “Timescapes”

During a hot summer week in 2012, Sebastian Duncan-Portuondo and Jeffrey Noble completed a months-long collaboration in the beachside spa tower stairwell at Sagamore, the Art Hotel. Our new short film Timescapes, commissioned by New World School of the Arts where the two artists are graduating BFA seniors, captures the high-powered final week of production, a race to finish the top flights and ceiling.


Frame grab: Jeffrey Noble working on a spray-paint segment of “Timescapes”

Commissioned by the Cricket Taplin Collection, Timescapes is a glass-and-paint artwork spanning the full five-floor height of an exposed stairwell in the hotel property’s oceanside tower.

(This film premiered during Art Basel Miami Beach 2012 on the Sagamore’s in-house edition of WetHeat.TV available to all guest rooms and suites on Channel 55.)

For more info and a full set of links, visit the film’s page on WetHeat.TV’s Specials Channel.


Frame grab: Jeffrey Noble and Sebastian Duncan-Portuondo working arduously during the closing days of their “Timescapes” commission at Sagamore, the Art Hotel

Jen Stark Episode of Studio Drive-By on Public TV Tuesday and Friday


The Jen Stark episode of our own WetHeat.TV series Studio Drive-By is scheduled for broadcast on South Florida’s Public Television station WPBT Channel 2, this Tuesday evening at 7:30 and again on Friday at 11pm, as a segment of their new show art loft.


Frame grab from our Jen Stark episode of Studio Drive-By, to be broadcast on WPBT2 TV.

Visit Jen Stark’s web site here:  http://www.jenstark.com

The great music in this episode of Studio of Drive-By is by:

Electric Bunnies

Patrick Hart (Honor Roll Music)

The Hot Lesbian Kissing Contest (Honor Roll Music)


Be on the lookout for more Drive-By episodes on art loft in the coming months!