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UPDATE NOTE: Miami Premiere Screenings
April 17 2009 at 7:30pm: fully booked, sorry!
April 18 2009 at 2pm: some seats available

The Rubell Family Collection, 95 West 29th Street, Wynwood

Please indicate how many seats are needed.

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To see excerpts from our Hernan Bas profile, go to this link:

We are nearing completion on principal shooting of our “miamiHeights” feature film profile of Hernan Bas, which started at a milestone year in his timeline– a large-scale, influential exhibition at the Rubell Family Collection during Art Basel Miami Beach 2007. That survey show encompassed a decade of work for an artist who this year just turned 30, moved into an expansive studio in Wynwood to facilitate larger and more diverse work, and finally paused for some time “off” from a juggernaut trajectory.
But as he explained during one of our studio visits, the most intense part of his creative process is researching and conceiving pieces, not executing them.

Here are very brief excerpts from preliminary editing:
Hernan Bas
New Studio Visit June 2008
Hernan Bas qualifying the emotional standard he strives for in his work.

Don & Mera Rubell
Mark Coetzee
The Rubell Family Collection, Miami
The Rubells and RFC Director Mark Coetzee consider the literal and evocative journey aspects of Bas’ life and work, the appeal of which defies marginalization.
Bonnie Clearwater, MoCA North Miami
Eugenie Tsai, Brooklyn Museum
Bonnie Clearwater has worked with Bas for much of his career, and Eugenie Tsai is just getting to know him; in this clip they share observations on Bas’ visual mythology and multi-disciplinary capability.
Harvey Shipley Miller
The Judith Rothschild Foundation
Harvey Shipley Miller embarked on a daring and historic creation of a contemporary drawings collection on behalf of The Judith Rothschild Foundation, and after two years of international effort with curator Andre Schlechtriem, the result is the single largest donation of its kind to The Museum of Modern Art. Among this collection are 8 works by Hernan Bas, who impressed Mr. Miller with the caliber of his work and the authenticity of his commitment, as he observes in this clip.
Ross Bleckner
Artist Ross Bleckner describes the evocative tenor, mood and characters of Bas’ work.
Rosa de la Cruz, Collector Miami
In this clip, seminal Miami collector Rosa de la Cruz, who has been collecting Bas for nearly a decade, defies the conventional approach of coaxing narrative and interpretation from Bas’ work.
Gene Corman, Collector Los Angeles
Collectors Gene and Nan Corman maintain a compelling, important contemporary art collection in their Los Angeles home that includes Richter, Fischl and Peyton. Their recent acquisition of a Bas painting fits in to their sensibility of living with art that engages the viewer in a deeply personal world.

Snitzer, Lehmann: Gallerists
Two of Bas’ gallerists here comment on their goals, and the powerful dynamics of international primary and secondary markets.

Barbara Pollack
Contributing Editor, ARTnews Magazine
Writer, Vanity Fair Magazine
Astute and candid commentary from New York-based writer Barbara Pollack here frames the issue of high prices and the market forces that create them.